Aware and inclusive education


When we attend or give a language lesson or wheter if we are helping someone with homework or with general educational stuff, we should dedicate a part of the lesson to a discussion session about nowadays issues, such as gender equality, international migration, climate change, economical gap among countries and in countries (for example a reading, a video, some photos ). The aim of this is to make everyone more aware about what we are facing as a society, so he/she can imporve his/her knowledge in different fields, even enhencing some personal skills. In this way we wouldn't just teach something to someone: we would reason together and try to find better strategies to face important issues, but espacially we can become better and more aware citizens of the world.


Start date: 13-06-2022

End date: 13-12-2022


EUmaisTU igualaMUITOS

EUmaisTU igualaMUITOS

01 Dec

Estamos neste momento a dar aulas de Françês a emigrante que partiram este ano para paises de lingua Francesa (França, Suiça, Belgica) e o nossa ultima sessão foi sobre igualdade no mercado de trabalho, pois sentimos que existia esta discriminação nos empregos deles pois as mulheres (mesmo as licenciadas) apenas conseguiam empregos na area das limpezas enquanto os homens conseguiam ter uma oferta mais diversificada.

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