Plastic: Watch, Learn, Spread out


The production of plastic is not sustainable: plastic is not recyclable at all and even the little we can recycle is not economically profitable. The only solution is to reduce consumption. The idea of this challenge is to watch the following video and to spread through social media or within your friendships at least a few of the ideas exposed in it (example: inviability of recycled plastic, the need to reduce it, alternatives to plastic, new technologies, etc) https://youtu.be/HNWn885qWtU


End date: 10-04-2023


EUmaisTU igualaMUITOS

EUmaisTU igualaMUITOS

01 Dec

Todos os meses temos uma acção de recolha de residuos que nos permitem realizar varias oficinas de reciclagem... E os resultados tem sido fantasticos, partilhamos aqui convosco a nossa ultima recolha de Garrafas de Plástico...

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